Shift Spotlight: Jessica Barnes

People choose to work with Jessica for her compassion, empathy, and humour. In addition to being a skilled therapist, Jessica is also a trained Postpartum Doula and brings this knowledge to her therapeutic specialization in birth and postpartum issues. As a new mom herself, she offers therapy exclusively over secure video or phone, meaning that you can access care from anywhere!

This week we asked Jessica a few questions about her thoughts on therapy and why it isn’t only for people who are struggling with mental illness.

1. What do you love about therapy?
I love seeing the relief on my clients' faces when they learn that what they are going through is often common and that some of their biggest struggles can be treated through therapy.

2. What do you think is most misunderstood about therapy?
I think the biggest misconception is that therapy is only needed when things are really really bad or for people with severe mental health diagnoses. I view therapy as a key to life long wellness, and like going to the doctor for regular check-ups, therapy can be a great tool to help us reach our fullest potential and not just ward off mental illness.

3. What do you wish you'd known about therapy sooner?
I wish I had known that what clients find most useful is not the list of training I’ve done, but just heartfelt empathy, compassion, and understanding. I worried a lot about making sure I had the right “qualifications” before jumping into private practice after ten years of being a social worker. When clients tell me I’ve made a big difference for them it’s rarely the specific techniques but more often, “I felt understood for the first time” or “thank you for validating what I’ve been going through.”

Jessica is accepting new clients. To learn more or book with her, click here!