Shift Spotlight: Rebecca Herberman

We are pleased to welcome Rebecca Herberman to our team!

We are pleased to welcome Rebecca Herberman to our team!

Rebecca Herberman is the newest therapist at our Toronto clinic. She joined us last Friday and already has set out to connect with people by sharing her thoughts on navigating guilt as a working mother.

Since we’ve already had the pleasure of learning how awesome Rebecca is, we asked her a few questions so that you can get to know her too!

1. What do you love about therapy?

I feel humbled and honoured that clients are open to sharing their vulnerabilities and life stories with me. I celebrate and hold on to the moments when I can instil hope in a client, help them foster their own personal growth, and help them through difficult transitions and relationships.

2. How would you describe your therapy style?

In three words: Authentic, non-judgmental, empowering. 

3. Why are you excited to join Shift?

I am looking forward to growing as a therapist in a new and enriching environment! The Shift team seems so great and supportive, and I look forward to building my caseload and meeting the clients that are drawn to this special practice. 

Rebecca is accepting new clients. To learn more or book with her, click here!