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January 27, 2021
Getting Mental Health Support In Remote Areas

Shift Team

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Virtual Counselling Services

Reaching out for help is a sign of strength and takes more courage than staying status quo.

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get more of what you have always got. So if you want something different, you must do something different.

Prior to the pandemic, there was little to no reasonable mental health services in rural, remote areas. But now accessing mental health services may feel even more difficult than before. I come from a very remote area and I am passionate about educating people how to access appropriate virtual counselling services.

If you have access to internet and equipment, I suggest familiarizing yourself with how to access these resources and test the equipment.

Try to have ear buds and a quiet confidential space for your session where you can speak openly and honestly with your counsellor. We are used to people camping out in their cars, or they have set up a texting session so that no one else even knows they are in a counselling session. You can appear to be working on the computer and no one else in the household will overhear your conversation. I encourage you to search out all the new and modern options and pick one that is suitable for you.

Spend some time seeking out a therapist that you feel a good connection with. Research shows this is the most important part to your success and motivation to do the hard work. It can be uncomfortable stepping into an unknown space of exploration and processing difficult discoveries.

You then also need to practice these changes in between sessions so that you get a chance to feel the difference and monitor treatment progress.

Psychotherapy is just a fancy word for change. You will get as much out of it as you dedicate to it. Some of the most meaningful feedback we hear as therapists at the end of people’s counselling journeys, they appear relieved, refreshed, sounding confident and will often say their only regret was not doing the hard work many years ago. It is such a privilege to witness people transform from the start to finish.

People from isolated industries such as oilfield, agriculture, forestry, and corporate industry report they are better business partners, and it has improved their relationships with their spouse, children, employees, friends, and most importantly, themselves. The flexibility of virtual counselling has made it easier for them to access professional treatment options. Think of it as an investment on your inner health and wellbeing.

This article was written by Tracy King during their time at Shift Collab.

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