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September 22, 2020
What Can You Address In A Single Therapy Session?

Shift Team

A woman sits at a table on her laptop during a single therapy session with a virtual therapist.

Single Session Boost

Life’s challenges don’t always follow your schedule. Now you don’t have to try to squeeze them in.

People tend to start therapy when they are undergoing some kind of emotional difficulty stemming from, for example, a traumatic event or a major life change. However, therapy can be helpful even in the good times to talk something through, or to get a gut-check. As we often say, “therapy is a good thing anytime.”

Here are 14 common concerns where a single session might be just the boost you need:

  1. Reduce your anxiety before a big date
  2. Sort out hurt feelings after an argument with your partner
  3. Learn how to ask what you need from your boss
  4. Connect with someone when feeling lonely
  5. Find out how to calm down after an anxiety attack
  6. Explore how to uphold boundaries at work
  7. Discover strategies for better sleep
  8. Learn easy strategies to become more present-focused at home with your family
  9. Talk to someone after a recent set-back
  10. Improve your confidence and self-esteem
  11. Gain motivation to start a new project
  12. Calm down after an exceptionally frustrating meeting
  13. Learn a strategy to stop replaying that awkward conversation you had
  14. Talk through a big decision with someone impartial

A single session won’t solve all your problems or minimize every challenge, but it can give you the confidence and motivation to start making a change. And if one session isn’t enough, or if you really click with your therapist and want to dive a little deeper, you always have the option to see them again or even become a regular client. We’re here for you.

This article was written by Jaylin Bradbury during their time at Shift Collab.

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