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September 1, 2021
4 Questions Worth Asking Yourself When Starting Therapy

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How To Help You And Your Therapist Get The Most Of Your Sessions

Often when people first start therapy they aren’t sure what they want or what to expect. They know they aren’t doing well and want to get better, but feel at a loss about what to do or how to make changes. Part of the role of a therapist is to help you recognize just how much you already know. It’s not about giving you the answers but helping you discover them on your own. In answering these four questions, you will be able to share a lot about yourself and quickly start to see the changes you’re searching for.

Why now? 

If this situation has been going on for a couple weeks, months, or years, what happened recently that led to you deciding to come in to therapy now?

Looking ahead, what do I want to see different in my life? 

What specifically are you hoping will change now that you’ve started therapy? Are you looking for new strategies to cope with a particular challenge? Stronger boundaries? A change in behaviour or mood? Greater personal insight?

What have I been doing up to this point that’s helped me? 

What were all the things you’ve tried before coming to therapy? What are some of the ways you take care of yourself or keep going? How have you been managing?

Who do I have in my corner? 

Who are your supports, people who care about you, or want to see you get better? Be creative! These can include your friends, family, and therapist, but also your doctor, colleagues, neighbours, online communities, and even your pet!

This article was written by Jaylin Bradbury during their time at Shift Collab.

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