Lewis is here to support you with anxiety and depression, trauma, substance use, and challenges facing Queer, Black, and racialized communities.

Lewis works with folks who want to explore behaviour patterns, change old ways of thinking, and develop new skills. Lewis strongly believes that you are the expert in your care. You bring your lived experiences, challenges, and successes to therapy, while Lewis brings their passion, experience, and education. They are excited to join you on your journey.

Lewis is ready to help you explore identity. They believe it is important to understand your identity and how structures can work for or against you based on that identity. Lewis has a passion for supporting the Queer and Black communities. They relate to their clients through different therapy approaches and a bit of humour!

Lewis believes that trauma can cause a present overreaction to past experiences. For this reason, Lewis supports their clients with TIR (traumatic incident reduction) and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and processing) therapy, which allow you to explore and reprocess traumatic incidents. Lewis is here to validate your experience with trauma and support you in your journey. Lewis hopes to make each session a safe and affirming space where you can share and welcome feedback. 

As a social worker, Lewis has worked in not-for-profit organizations and primary health care. They have supported individuals who use substances, folks with various mental health challenges, and people who face other difficulties in life.

Right for you if:

You're looking for a safe and affirming space.
You're looking for support with anxiety and/or depression.
You're looking for a therapist that is passionate about working with the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities.
You are looking for support with substance use.

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Master of Social Work, Carleton University (2018)

Bachelor of Social Work, Laurentian University (2017)

Essentials of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Beck Institute)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression (Beck Institute) 

Traumatic Incident Reduction Facilitator (Centre for Emotional Resolution and Change)

Treating Concurrent Disorders (CMHA Ottawa)

Mental Health First Aid (Mental Health Commission of Canada)

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (LivingWorks)

EMDR Trained Therapist (Personal Transformation Institute)

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (ECHO Ontario Mental Health)

Traumatic Incident Reduction – Expanded Applications (Centre for Emotional Resolution and Change)

Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers

Ontario Association of Social Workers


What does good mental health look like to you?
Good mental health is having enough awareness and knowledge to listen to your body and your mind telling you what they need. Trust them, they know!
What would you say to a friend struggling with a mental health issue?
Talk to someone that you trust, anyone! We all need help sometimes and sometimes a fresh perspective or listening set of ears can make all of the difference. Remember that there is always professional help out there, we're here for you.
What is a challenge or change that you’ve experienced recently?
Imposter syndrome anyone?! Nobody is immune, and at times the self-doubt is real. This is usually a good indication for me that I'm getting overwhelmed and need to take some time to relax and reconnect with myself.

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