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Michelle Mailhiot

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Registered Psychotherapist

Michelle is here to support you with religion and spirituality challenges, cross-cultural issues, trauma, and ADHD/ADD.

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Michelle supports adults who are experiencing shame, guilt, attention issues, anxiety, or depression.  She’ll work with you to explore barriers in your life, including previous trauma. Michelle can help you understand the root cause of your struggles and learn to manage challenges in your daily life. She uses trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy, attachment-based emotion-focused therapy, and EMDR for complex trauma.

Michelle is mother to a son diagnosed with ADHD. She understands the struggles related to ADHD, such as schoolwork, friendships, and feeling overwhelmed. Michelle can help you, your child, and your family to understand ADHD and best support your child. She’ll walk with you and your family, reminding you that you’re not alone in this journey.  

Michelle can also help you with religious or spiritual challenges (in different faiths) and cross-cultural issues. Michelle was born and raised in the Roman Catholic faith. She believes that we all belong to the human family and must work together, regardless of religious, political, ethnic, or economic differences. Michelle will help you identify your core beliefs and values and reduce feelings of guilt, shame, or not being worthy. She can help you use your faith to build inner strength and face daily struggles like grief, anxiety, or depression. 

In her personal time, Michelle enjoys learning, reading, and spending time with her 17-year-old son and her two dogs, a goldendoodle and a standard poodle.

Right for you if:

You feel overwhelmed raising a child with ADHD/ADD and want more support or resources.
You are experiencing shame, guilt, or family conflict due to religious beliefs.
You have experienced trauma in your childhood, adolescence, or recent trauma.
You feel your life has no meaning and you’re looking for spiritual guidance.

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Certificate of Mental Health and Addictions, Dalhousie University (2023)

Master of Theological Studies, Wycliffe College (2023)

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Yorkville University (2022)

Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation, University of Lethbridge (2020)

EMDR Certificate (Peace of Mind Therapy)

Brain Story Certification (Alberta Family Wellness Initiative)

Licensed Foster Care Home (Children, Seniors, and Social Development, Newfoundland) 

Child Mental Health Certificate (Douglas College)

Standard Canadian Red Cross First Aid (St. John’s Ambulance)

High Five Course (YMCA)

Mental Health First Aid Certificate ( St. John’s Ambulance)

Crisis Prevention Intervention Training (Academy Canada) 

Alzheimer’s Care at Home Course (Academy Canada) 

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills and Training (Academy Canada)

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

Canadian Association for Spiritual Care

Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association

Michelle Mailhiot sitting on a gravel path with her poodle and smiling


What does good mental health look like to you?
Positive mental health means that you feel self-confident in who you are and what you deliver to the world around you. That you are resting, eating properly, and enjoying day to day life tasks.
What do you do to take care of your own mental health?
Sleep is a big relaxation technique for me. I also like to spend time with my 17 year old son and my two dogs. Walking in nature, going out for supper, and reading at home is all part of how I take care of my mental health.
What is a motto or idea that gives you reassurance when you’re having a difficult time?
I have the strength of my family who gives me reassurance that I am not alone during a difficult time. I am a hard worker and know how to successfully resolve issues with the help of a supportive family.